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Saturday, February 16, 2013

My 1/16-Scale Trans Am by Ertl — Part 3

My 1/16-scale Trans Am project continues, and this morning I started by spraying primer, followed by a couple thin coats of glazing putty to eliminate a few deep scratches.

Not much of a paint booth, but you make do with what you've got.

After the primer had cured, a little touch up with glazing putty to take care of scratches and other small imperfections. After the putty had dried, more wet sanding.

I will give the parts one final coat of primer followed by more wet sanding, and they should be ready for paint at that point.

Did not have much luck cleaning the windshields. Soaked them in a solution of bleach and water (actually a pretty strong solution), and even after eight hours of soaking, they still are a shade of dark yellow. I will polish them next, if only to get rid of some of the scratches, but doubt that will make them look crystal clear.